BBSA has vast experience in the provision of career coaching to individuals from the APS and private enterprise at a range of levels and different stages of their career. This includes Executive Coaching and support for redundant employees transitioning to a new role.

BBSA provides coaching opportunities that assist the career development of individuals, through one-on-one individualised support. The coaching offered allows for growth and reflection in order for career advancement and enhanced performance.

BBSA coaches are highly experienced in the provision of coaching support and feedback, and are friendly and approachable in their delivery. Discussions may include goal setting and assistance with the selection and application process, such as feedback on resumes, selection criteria and undertaking interviews.

Coaching sessions can be provided as part of training programs to add another element of staff development. BBSA has developed career coaching written resources to assist individuals in this area and demonstrates alignment with the APS Integrated Leadership System.


BBSA specialises in organisational design and analysis, incorporating change management, to align organisations and their people with business directions. BBSA utilises a streamlined approach to implement organisational design that resolves issues identified and improves the effectiveness of operations and overall performance. The BBSA consultancy team features the following core capabilities related to organisational analysis and design:

  • Job and work design
  • Organisational behaviours
  • Work level standards
  • Succession strategies and mapping
  • Application and evaluation of the Integrated Leadership System
  • Development and implementation of appropriate performance and learning and development frameworks.

An example of BBSA’s experience with organisation design is the company’s work on organisational restructure, leading the design, delivery and review on behalf of several Divisions. This case involved the design of the architecture to transition staff from state based to national structures.


BBSA provides consultancy assistance to businesses in all facets of management practice. BBSA has extensive experience, providing diverse services to a range of industry, private sector and government clients, both commonwealth and state. BBSA aims to exceed client needs by providing thorough analysis of business issues and developing tools, techniques and recommendations to achieve improved organisational performance that is sustainable.

With a “can do” approach to problem solving and the transfer of best practice concepts, BBSA has received much positive feedback in this area.


BBSA recognises that everyone has a unique learning style, schedule and budget. Our facilitators are specialised in delivering an engaging experience that will prepare you to immediately apply what you have learnt.

BBSA is approved to deliver the following in all Australian states and territories:

BSB50215 – Diploma of Business
BSB51915 – Diploma of Leadership and Management
BSB80215 – Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership
BSB80615 – Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)
PSP30116 – Certificate III in Government
PSP40116 – Certificate IV in Government
PSP40316 – Certificate IV in Government Security
PSP40416 – Certificate IV in Government Investigations
PSP50116 – Diploma of Government
PSP50316 – Diploma of Government Security
PSP50416 – Diploma of Government Investigations
PSP50716 – Diploma of Fraud Control



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